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This is a really easy walk. You start on the south side of the tunnel on the Gotthard Pass. We parked at the bus stop and walked up the road above the tunnel because we weren't sure whether it was permitted to drive up. When we got near to the start of the 'walking' track there was lots of cars of many nationalities, none of which seem to have any sort of a permit and at the point where the road surface turned from tarmac to gravel there was a sign saying cars were not to pass without a permit – so I guess from this, you can drive up the road until this point, but this is only a guess!
As I said, this is a really 'easy' walk, the track is wide and it would be possible, with the correct permit, to drive along the route so there is no need to concentrate hard on where you put your feet, just enjoy the view, the streams, the butterflies, the birds and the marmots. We were there in June and the track was completely free from snow, although there were piles around along way from the track.
We walked until the track started to dip significantly, having walked as far as we really wanted that day and it does drop quite a bit. It would be a long route to make a round trip so I think it's best as an 'out and return' walk.
The only thing to highlight with this walk is for dog owners, it's a real farming area. When there are cows and sheep around, you must keep dogs on a lead. When we went it was early in the summer and there wasn't any livestock around, but I understand there are guardian dogs used in the area who don't take kindly to strange dogs who are not on a lead.