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You can get to Dalpe village by car very easily by turning off the main Canton road (A road, not the motorway). The road is a good road, it's a gentle climb and I didn't find any scary bits, just beautiful scenery. There seems to be a good bus service too.
When you get to Dalpe village there's a reasonably sized car park at the far side of the village, by the village shop, but it was already full by the time I got there, it was a beautiful day and it's a lovely place, it's not a surprise it was 'busy'. I parked in the small car park next to the cemetery.
From the shop car park I followed the sign to the waterfall (cascata). To get to the best place to see the waterfall you walk up a small track between some houses. The track turns into a path through some undergrowth and then woods – there's not much in the way of signs. The path was pretty good, if slightly overgrown in places and I would recommend good trainers/walking shoes or boots rather than sandals or light shoes. It's about a 100m climb and I don't remember anything that gave me the wobbles in terms of feeling uncertain of the path or a nasty drop.