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When you reach the shrine there's another nice bench and you are now not far from the top of the climb. Just past the shrine you come to a junction and here I turned left on to a wide level path which I discovered you can drive on, not sure where from – that's something for another day.
Not long after you join the track you come to a wide open space which is the start of a wildlife area and the start of a whole load of paths we will explore in the future.
On this occasion I couldn't go exploring further up, so I headed over the bridge back down, through the forest following the red and white paint markings. Again the path is a bit rough underfoot and you are in a forest so there's no view, but it's lovely and, quiet and shady and I saw lots of different birds.
After a while the forest thins out and your are in a meadow and here there's some nice views. I found a bench which I thought was perfect for a lunch stop, but – warning - it was a bit rickety so I chose a nice rock with a view. Just through the meadow there's a road where I turned left and headed back along the very quiet road back to Dalpe.