My name is Rebecca and I have always loved to take pictures. My first SLR was a Minolta X-300 which I started to use when I took Photography GCSE as an 'extra' to my A-Levels. However before that I had, which at the time was a 'cutting edge' 110 camera which went everywhere with me and before that I was always asking to borrow the family 126mm camera.

Whilst studying for GCSE photography it soon became my main focus and became a bit of an obsession, not least because I could spend hours in the darkroom printing my own black and white images. Slowly over the years I have increased my knowledge and expanded the kit bag, buying a Minolta Dynax 5 and then when Sony bought out Minolta I moved to digital with an Alpha 100 and then on to the A77. More recently I have moved to using a Sony A6500, a mirrorless camera that I am loving.

For me photography adds an extra dimension to everything I like to do, always looking for a picture, I like to take 'pictures everywhere' I go. Sometimes I like to capture a straightforward image and sometimes I like to try and make something a little bit different, my impression or interpretation of what I see.