Lakeside reflection

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Another picture from an Italian lake, this time it's from the lovely Lake Orta. This picture was taken on a lovely afternoon walk around the lake, so many little details to enjoy. See below for the lovely location #BehindTheScenes





Relalxing by the lake

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It's been a crazy few weeks and I've not got out with my camera for ages but I have a heap of pictures from the summer to share. We were grateful to be able to escape to our favourite Swiss mountains this summer with an added bonus of a short stay next to Lake Maggiore which was gorgeous. One of the things I loved about that part of the trip was early morning walks by the lake. I found a little beach with lovely waves generated by the ferries which criss cross the lake. It was so hypnotic and addictive watching the waves, so relaxing!

The little things

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I loved Paul Sanders aka @discover_still 's thoughts on Instagram about the 'little things' . I must admit I've been over thinking my pictures recently, thinking they are not 'wow' enough, Paul always manages to remind us all of reasons (if we need them) why we shouldn't overlook the everyday. Thank you Paul. If you're on Instagram check out Paul's Friday morning inspirations!

New flower

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It's funny how sometimes things leap out at you that you've not noticed before. I'm not quite sure what this flowers is, anyone know? I'm guessing at knapweed but I'm really not certain! Anyway this summer I suddenly noticed them everywhere and how unusual their construction is, great fun to photograph with a macro lens, when they stop dancing in the wind!


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Woodland pool

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Just a little water pic from our local woods. This summer I've been quite addicted to photographing water, it's so hypnotic, now I have heaps of pics and it's hard to pick favourites. I love the colours in this one, there's so many and I didn't notice the red/brown tones until I started to process it.