Wonky agapanthus

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It's been a busy couple of weeks and all of a sudden it feels like mid summer has flipped into late summer or even early autumn! I've a few more summer pics before we slide into autumn colours. This summer's heat has been wonderful for some flowers, not so great for others. The Agapanthus at Wisley seemed especially good this year and I really enjoyed photographing these tall, dramatic flowers. This one with a wonky stem just called out to me to photograph it.

Mini Allium

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I am hopeless at recording the names of the plants I photograph but this one I did! It's Allium Senescens, it's a tiny allium, only about 20 cm high but a hugely attractive to the bees and butterflies and such a delicate colour. It was lovely to disappear into the mini world for a while to photograph it.

Late summer colours

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Another flower I have 'discovered' this summer are Heleniums, also known as Sneezeweed!!!! What a name! I love the really rich colours of many varieties, they just shout late summer and the bees just love them.


_DSA1455_28-07-29_edited-1 IGBTS_DSA1455_28-07-29_edited-1 IGBTS

More twilight flowers

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Every year I find a new favourite flower which seems to follow me around on my walks, challenging me to photograph it! This summer it was chamomile. Every field I visited seemed to have a large patch and I even found a whole field of it but it was a challenge to find a picture!! After several weeks of trying finally I found this patch just after the sun had set, another twilight capture ? Swipe for an overhead behind the scenes shot.


_DSA9590_22-07-16_edited-1 IGBTS_DSA9590_22-07-16_edited-1 IGBTS

Twilight flower

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I love walking at twilight, just as the last bit of sun is disappearing. I spotted this one stem of Rosebay Willowherb one evening whilst crossing a field on the way back to my car. The colour just sang out against the other plants in the field, I had to stop and photograph it.



_DSA9592_22-07-16_edited-1 IGBTS_DSA9592_22-07-16_edited-1 IGBTS