Crosby beach

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I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend.
I realise I haven't posted a picture for ages, it's felt like winter has gone on forever this year and I've not really got into Spring mode so here's a picture from last November. I went to the amazing Crosby Beach with the lovely gang from SheClicks.

Venetian lamp posts

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One of the surprising things which kept catching my eye in Venice was the lamp posts, they are so distinctively Venetian. They provided regular punctuation marks along the seafront promenade day and night. In the fog, they looked like friendly guardians with outstretched arms.

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Venice at Dusk

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One of the things I loved most about being in Venice in January was the very civilised time at which dusk and dawn occurred! Dawn was around 7.30am, well before the streets got busy but dusk was around 5pm when the streets were bustling with tourists and locals on their way home. It was just magical to watch day turn into night with a backdrop of beautiful buildings changing colour by the minute.


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This time last year I was looking forward to what turned out to be a wonderful week in Venice but I realise I've not shared many pictures from that trip here. I thought I'd start with a set of three images of gondolas, an iconic symbol of Venice. I was so lucky with the weather and the light, a wonderful mix of sunshine and fog. The first image (left) is an in-camera double exposure. Let me know your favourite image.












What a difference a day makes

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What a difference a day makes! These pictures were taken at Southport pier when I was there for the weekend with the wonderful ladies from SheClicks. The colour image was taken on the Saturday morning when we had a glorious sunrise whereas the mono image was taken on the grey and gloomy Sunday morning. Two very different atmospheres taken in the same location just 24 hours apart, the weather making all the difference.