At the end of September 2016 we drove from Switzerland to Croatia for a two week adventure - I won't use the term 'holiday' because we didn't do much sitting and relaxing, just lots of sightseeing.

Our Itinery was

Day 1 - Drive from Switzerland to Palmanova in Italy, explored the town and walked the defensive walls

Day 2 - Drive from Palmonova to Ravinj via P? for castle

Day 3 - A day exploring the pretty town of Ravinj

Day 4 - A last morning in Rovinj before driving to Zadar, Dalmatia

Day 5 - A day on Pag Island

Day 6 - Exploring the largest freshwater lake in Croatia

Day 7 - Leaving Zadar, driving south on the Adriatic Road to a stop at ??? for lunch before arriving at Ston

Day 8 - Spent the morning exploring the Defensive Walls and Salt Flats at Ston before heading to Srebreno near Dubrovnik

Day 9 - An early morning walk around the local coast and a day of serious sightseeing in Dubrovnik

Day 10 - Lokram Island

Day 11 - Morning walk around Zupa Dubrovnika, afternoon trip to arboretum and watching the sunset from Mount Srd

Day 12 - Leaving Dubrovnik and arriving in Plitvi??

Day 13 - A day exploring the lakes

Day 14 - Two wildlife conservation centres

Day 15 - Departing a very cold and soggy Plit?? and arriving in Soave, Italy.

Day 16 - Exploring the amazing Soave castle and the pretty town before headin home.