A5 or 15x15cm greetings cards featuring a selection of my images are available for purchase.  The cards are printed on 300gsm card and come with a white envelope.

The price is £2.00 each or five for £9.00 (not including postage and packing).  To order, please e-mail me with the quantity of cards you require and which designs you would like (there's only a small number of each design available at any time). You can mix and match!

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0155 Train across Furka 0145 Meerkats 0788 Summer sailing on the Solent

DSC00155_edited-3 Sh 9x6 WMDSC00155_edited-3 Sh 9x6 WM



1033 Sunflower 1267 Alpine meadow flowers 1330 Waterlily
Incoming hoverfly, Parco Scherrer, Morcote, Tessin, SwitzerlandIncoming hoverfly, Parco Scherrer, Morcote, Tessin, SwitzerlandAugust 2015 1330
1847 Summer time 1850 Snowdrops 2024 Snakes Head Fritillaries
2302 Vintage British cars 2863 Wallis Sheep 2957 Tulip
DSC02302_edited-3 B&W 9x6 Sh ZFDSC02302_edited-3 B&W 9x6 Sh ZF
3664 Croatian Cross 3875 Marbled White Butterfly 4217 Bluebell

4301 Cows 4497 From Milk Hill 4782 Small butterfly

4794 Husky 4883 White Narcissi 5015 from Hay Bluff
5156 Dreamy buttercups 5947 Across the bay to the hills 6122 Summer froth
DSC06122_edited-2 Sh 9x6 ZFDSC06122_edited-2 Sh 9x6 ZF
6278 Wood anemone 6359 Bee and lavender 6593 Single poppy in the lavender
DSC06278_edited-1 Sh 9x6 ZFDSC06278_edited-1 Sh 9x6 ZF
6767 Maggiorie 6837 Golden reeds 6858 Lake Garda
DSC06767_edited-1 Sh 9x6DSC06767_edited-1 Sh 9x6
7262 Poppies in the grass 7797 Summer time 7820 The church of San Martino at Calonico
8885 Bluebells 9070 Spring bluebells 9151 Daisies

DSC08885_edited-1 Sh 9x6 WMDSC08885_edited-1 Sh 9x6 WM



DSC09151_edited-1 Sh 9x6 WMDSC09151_edited-1 Sh 9x6 WM
9359 Summer meadow 9449 Majestic trees 2094B Orchid
 2207B Wild flower meadow 5692B Peony 7886B Camellia
8830B Scabiosa    














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“What you looking at?” Negombo fish market, Sri Lanka“What you looking at?” Negombo fish market, Sri LankaAugust 2010 9122
Summer froth, Engleberg, Obwalden, SwitzerlandSummer froth, Engleberg, Obwalden, SwitzerlandJune 2016 6122
Memories of a sunset, Zadar, CroatiaMemories of a sunset, Zadar, CroatiaSeptember 2016 1458
Image made using Intentional Camera Movement and a long exposure.
Troy the Tawny Owl, The Hawk Conservancy Trust, Andover, Hampshire, United KingdomTroy the Tawny Owl, The Hawk Conservancy Trust, Andover, Hampshire, United KingdomSeptember 2011 6714
Mariahilf Chapel, Andermatt, Uri, SwitzerlandMariahilf Chapel, Andermatt, Uri, SwitzerlandJanuary 2012 8797