Open Studios 2018


West Berkshire and North Hampshire's Open Studios 2017 might be a few months away but there has already been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes.



This year I will have work in three different locations.

1. Main studio exhibition

I am pleased to say that once again I shall be joining the Artists exhibiting at Adbury Holt the home of Kevin Akhurst in Newtown, Newbury. Kevin is a potter who specialises in functional and decorative stoneware. Joining Kevin and myself there will be four other artists:

  • Lesley Atkinson - who makes stained glass window and smaller pieces
  • Caroline Brown - who works with a variety of materials including brush and inks
  • Miggie Bruce - who specialises in botanical art
  • Pamela Hardman - who is a printmaker

In addition to the work in our exhibitions you will also be able to see demonstrations by Kevin, Pam and Lesley.

This location will be where my main exhibition will be and where I will be on the days we are open (see below).

Studio Open Times

At Kevin's home in Newtown we will be open to the public on the following days in May and June 2018:

Saturday & Sunday 12 & 13, 19 & 20, 26 & 27  11am - 5pm
Monday  8 &15  11am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday 2 & 3 11am - 5pm


2. As usual I will also have work in the Open Studios main group exhibition called INSIGHT. Here you will be able to see a sample of work from all the artists taking part, about 110 this year.  This is located in the The Gallery, Arlington Arts on the outskirts of Newbury. It's a great opportunity to see the huge range of art on display throughout Open Studios and decide which artists' studios you may like to visit.

3. Last year I took part in a scheme to allow artist to sit in on various performances and rehersals for the Newbury Spring Festival.  We were allowed to bring with us our artists's equipment to make sketches or a final piece.  I sat in on the rehersal of a production of 'Betty Blue Eyes' - a musical theatre piece set in WW2 and performed by a company of final year student actors from the University of Chichester.  Some of the pieces of work created from our experiences will be on display in the Corn Exchange in the heart of Newbury town centre.


All events listed here are free to visit and I'll update this page with more information (such as maps and opening times) as plans fall into place.  The main Open Studios website has now been updated with all the information for 2018.